What Does Your Donation Do?

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What Does Your Donation Do?

It is through the generosity of people like you that we can keep The Daily Gratitude Movement alive and changing lives!

We invite YOU to join the movement!

Studies show routinely practicing Gratitude increases one’s happiness and satisfaction with life, heightened appreciation of positive qualities, situations, and people, and improved psychological well-being. It has been cited that gratitude is a predictor of hope, happiness, relationship satisfaction, and more.

What Your Donations Fund?
You are providing for start-up and operational costs
You are providing life-changing resources to empower others to live their best version of themselves.
You are providing programs for the handi-abled and visually impaired communities.
You are providing support for new programs to be created and delivered to businesses, and other institutions.
You are providing support for other non-profits who share a similar mission.


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