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So, where’d it all begin?

Our History

The Daily Gratitude Movement Inc 501(c)3 Non-profit is an international movement of people dedicated to the practice of daily gratitude.

It all started with Garth Sandiford. Back in 2019, Garth was going through a very difficult time in his life. Though he attended work everyday and carried on as usual, he was experiencing financial struggles and found himself unable to pay for his electricity. Each day he went to work, and each night he came home to a dark house.

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At the time, Garth had already been friends with Tony Rodrigues, founder of the #GetUpNGrow. Both Garth and Tony are Trainers for Robbins Research International. In May of 2019, Garth and Tony met for a personal development meeting, and Garth got to talking about his personal struggles he was dealing with at the time.

Tony had an idea. He had a friend who had started practicing daily gratitude and found the practice to be life-changing. He gave Garth a challenge: practice daily gratitude for 30 days.

After about two weeks, Garth started to notice a shift in his life. Before he knew it, he was texting 30 people daily with his written gratitude lists to help spread the good feeling. Three months later, that’s when the miracles started to happen. It started with a friend paying off his debt to the electric company and getting his power back on. That act of kindness inspired Garth and let him know that gratitude truly is a magical force.

Clubhouse Gave the Platform to Share Gratitude

Fast forward to April of 2021, and Garth found himself in Clubhouse with Tony Rodrigues. At the time, Garth was new to Clubhouse, so when he was invited to speak, he wasn’t sure exactly what to say. Nonetheless, he immediately recognized the platform’s potential.

Soon after that, he felt inspired to share with others the magical gift of gratitude he had found. He decided to open up a gratitude room to see what would happen. Not sure what to expect, he was worried no one would show up. Nonetheless, he kept faith, and sure enough, people started coming in. The next thing he knew, Garth had his first moderators on the team and a regular room open daily for one hour.

At the time, Garth had no idea what he had started. The room now has over 80 moderators located across the globe, and is ever-expanding towards the goal of becoming a 24-hour room.

We are spreading the gratitude movement to more people worldwide.